Most incidents are easily preventable, yet often overlooked.

Using multiple data sources within DAN’s emergency, medical, and insurance claims networks, we identified five contributing factors ­­– each preventable – that led to diver injury and/or death.

We found that those who are most at risk are divers who:

  • Ignore their LIMITS – environmental, physical or physiological
  • Improperly manage AIR consumption, leading to out-of-air situations
  • Discount the importance of proper EQUALIZATION and ignore problems
  • Fail to learn proper BUOYANCY control
  • Lack control on ASCENT and discount safety stops

To address these issues in further detail, we created the Prepared Diver program. It’s the perfect complement to your entry-level certification, offering insight into the science behind fundamental diving skills and highlighting the best practices vital to making good diving decisions.

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